Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Storyline: Synopsis

And so, gentle reader, you may wonder how Hansel Daggerfjord, who one moment is observing Colonol Snack of the Royal Canadian Mounted Marines, is, the next moment, charging across the Yukon and startling Duck Hunters.

For, you might be justified in wondering, "how far must we go afield? To what heights of tangent must this story go? For in the glories of exposition, might we not, as gentle readers, have some claim upon that noble band of authors to give some sign or portent of how Daggerfjord and Snack, Rompkins and Bigoyle, Zhpat and Klimmingstock, Inuits and Singaporean, and Juan-Henri McGill" - in short, how this varied and diverse cast of unlikely denizens might possibly juxtapose in anything but a nonsensical raving.

And well too might McGill wonder, for at the very moment that Daggerfjord was slipping into a hallucination, which he was unaware was caused by his proximity to a certain famous Singaporean mushroom, of which type and variety both Rompkins and Klimmingstock would have been glad to elucidate, and whose pungent aroma made Daggerfjord unaware of all but fanciful dreams on Yukon plains, in short, it was at this moment that Juan Henri McGill, who at this time was far from the legendary soldier's soldier, but was rather a sort of short-order cook on holiday... it was at this time that McGill, though thousands of miles away, found himself caught up in the burgeoning adventure.

For Daggerfjord, dreaming of a mad rush toward Alaskan oil-fields, rolled over in his stupor, which he was prone to do, as he had no right arm, as was previously hinted at in an earlier section of this narrative. And Daggerfjord's roll was most unfortunate for the biodiversity of Singapore, for in this roll, he flattened the very mushrooms that had been prompting his flight into the arms of Morpheus - the same mushrooms that were the only food source for that rarest of creatures, the spindly-legged Wombat of Sentosa Island. And from this small event, thousands of miles away, and inexorable chain of events would be set forth, in which the fates of many would find their culmination in that cataclysmic struggle which began in Greenback Tennessee thanks to Daggerfjord's otherwise innocent luigie upon McGill's blue cap.

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