Monday, July 10, 2006


Miguel Cuthbert said...

Is it true that the statue is constructed entirely of clothes hangers, recycled draft cards and wire from burned braziers? Or was that just a rumor?

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

It was one of those things that got lost in translation.

Actually, it is constructed of a complete collection of Barbara Streisand albums and hairs taken from George Clooney's homes and dressing rooms (the white hairs were collected during his time away from the stage - when his hairs grow to to bely the natural color); the dark, from his (shoe) polished stage personnae "Mr. Clooney".

The eyes are made of chunks of coal in commemoration of Nancy Pelosi's heart and shaped to mimic her own, distended peepers.

The frame is from the welded steel of disgarded handguns from the collection of Michael Moore's bodyguards.

Clothes hangers, draft cards and braziers were used in the "base" of the statue, symbolic of the basis of everything Canadian (not to mention the liberal US North which I've heard is in negotiation to become a province of Canada because they "are simply sick to death of that stupid fly-over country" - which to the rest of us is the United States of America).