Monday, July 24, 2006

Storyline: So Dark the Night

It took a long time for his eyes to become accustomed to the darkness; in fact they could not become quite accustomed but that there seemed to be darker shapes amid the otherwise ubiquitous shapeless gloom. Bigoyle tried to shift from his seated posture, but the ropes were too tight, and too well-tied. Yet he was conscious of an enormous lump growing on th eback of his ead where he had been clubbed by what he could only guess had been a frozen kangaroo tail.

The silence, like the darkness was stifling, he tried to make some sound but though he felt himself screaming at the top of his lungs, he could hear nothing. Bigoyle soon lost all sense of time and the space around him. He forgot whether his eyes were opened or shut. His body, grew numb from remaining in the same position, and he began to even lose the sense of his own existence.

Thus, when the symbol appeared before him, it was as if another universe had opened up. The symbol, five petals circumscribed within a pentagonAt the center of the petals, another pentagon, and within that pentagon another set of petals. As he stared, he could sense that the symbol began to grow and he knew that within each pentagon was a flower and within each flower a pentagon and his mind began to penetrate the endless cycle, the flowers and pentagon and flowers and pentagons, and they began to whirl around him and he fell deep within the pattern.

Then the voice said: "Yeeha dude thinks he can bust a cap? Shi' ain' no thang he can do now. Gotsa learn to freak! But canst freak whens he al' bust up. "

Bigoyle heard his voice call out "Who are you master? Are you Sultan Zhpat?"

"Zhpat shmat, I'se da bomb. Da BOMB. And Zhpat is jus the trick in my crib. Even now, that Li'l Timmy is eatin' yo lunch. Let me open up your mind and then you'll see da whole truth."

The symbol suddenly stopped and it grew intolerably bright, the last thing Bigoyle knew before he ceased to be Bigoyle was that he was screaming.

"So you see, the antidote to the Ch-Ock viwus can onwy be found AH-CHOO! in two pwaces. The first is in the extwact of the mushwooms which are the pwefewwed diet of the Spindwy wegged Wombat who dwewls AH-CHOO! in excwusion wight here,"

"Und the zecond Timmy?"

"The second pwace, AH-CHOOO! is in a special type of artic mowd. We haven't been able to isowate the mowd yet, but we know that the Inuit have accumuwated vast quantities of the mowd. They gave us a wittle sample, AH-CHOO! but it would hawdwy be enough to cuwe the tens of millions who will contwact Ch-Ock if the govewments of wowd don't act soon."

Li'l Timmy blinked the tears from his watering eyes and then sneezed up more blood. He held the handkerchief to his nose and sneezed again, if possible more violently. The blood seeped through and another sneeze propelled crimson droplets, spattering them accross the professors glasses leaving a similar residue to the debris left when a tree frog explodes from the dreaded bugyo-byugo intestinal virus.

He and the professor were sitting together at a sidewalk cafe. It was only minutes until he was scheduled to talk, but his broken nose kept on bleeding and the infernal sneezing was becoming more rapid and dangerous.

"Timmy, I know zees is verrry important talk you are to geeve. But I think ees best to get you to a hospital."

"Pwease Pwofessa, I must give this talk!"

"Timmy, the world needs your great mind, to lose it now through your nostrils would be a terrible disaster."

It was at that moment that a hulking bear-like man dressed as a nutter butter stumbled out of the shadows and began his fatal approach.

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