Thursday, July 06, 2006

Enter Klimmingstock

And Lo! Who should emerge from the subteranean transport but that self-same Professor Klimmingstock carrying in his arms a box full of international edition books on topics ranging from the life cycle of the tape worm to biodiversity among the West African fruit fly. Upon seeing Timmy a look of intense pathos wrinkled his face until his forehead nearly touched his chin.

"Eeez that Timmy Rompkins among all zee gore? What haz befallen you my dear contemporary. Are you hurt?"

"Profetha Klibbingstock! Oh Profetha Klibbingstock, thank heabens its you!"

"Und who eez dat being pummeled by ze police? Eez he a friend of yourz? Ah! I can zee dat he eez not your friend but a common Soccer Hooligan in for zee match dees afternoon. Come Timmy let me help you." He started toward Timmy then shook his head in sad regret. "But too bad I can not becauze I am carrying deez very heavy box. Perhaps we can wave down a taxi."

Klimmingstock's face was mostly mustache and eyebrows, but between them perched on a nose that resembled in texture a pineapple were a pair of unusual glasses. Though obviously clear, regardless of the position of light source always reflected more than they transmitted so that the color of his eyes were hidden.

Klimmingstock managed to shuffle his arms about and somehow find a clean handkerchief in his pocket without dropping the heavy box and Timmy took the proffered cloth and pressed it against his nose.

"Tell me Timmy have you finished your paper on zee pandemic cH-Ockh virus? I have decided dat you will be zee keynote speaker since all zee world awaits a cure to dees horrrrible dezees. Und eef you can not find zee cure we doubt anyone else can too. Then zee governments of zee wurld will collapse und a dictatorship ruled by the Queen of Andoracco will surely arise and subjugate all to her power. Even now we have heard that zee Royal Mounted Marines have sent zee covert agents here to kill you."

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