Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Quandry

It was a serpantine sight indeed - twisted and coiled.

Corners once so straight and precision engineered now peeled like the lid from a sardine can; and oh those steel girders - twisted like Christmas candy.

This present danger, undone - their woven plots and plotting unraveled and untied - now reduced to unfettered maroon twine.

"Could we have made it a slight bit bigger," he wondered.

"Large enough to cause massive plunder, but not so big as to render the building and its occupants and their form, function and identity obscure and unidentifiable."

"Of course, we could have," said the Newsman, "but then what about the show? We need the smoke, and the dust, and a broken skelton"

"Oh yes, the show. We need that impact upon the world as much as the one the bomb made upon the building - perhaps more. I suppose it's good enough, flattened as it is".

"Good enough indeed," said the soldier.

"Tonight, we feast - but tomorrow, it rages on. On until the last cloud of its existence vanishes from that far, red horizon".

And together they dined on a feast of tarry and talk.

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Xavier Martel said...

Yes - that is interesting! How did they decide upon two 500lb bombs? Were they thinking "500lbs? Why not 1000lbs?" or was this like the old "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" question?