Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Germany Before and After Bismarck

In the aftermath of 1848
when Louis Napolean was great
the German states
were locked in a political stalemate.

Austria had blocked Prussia
with diplomatic support from Russia
From unifying Germany above
(what William IV would dearly love!)

Economic forces undermined the status quo
and modern industry (like William) began to grow & grow
And tarriffs, once so strong, were made so very less
that Austria's protected industry was feeling quite repressed

Prussia had emerged with a parliament of sorts
mostly in the hands of the lib'rals & cohorts
The middle class, like the rich, were overrepresented
inevitably something that the lower class resented

The parliament, not king, commanded ultimate power
and parlaiment was growing more liberal by the hour
King William considered abdicating to his son
But summoned instead Bismarck! And an era had begun.

Then came without delay the Austro-Prussian War
Bismarck spanked the parliament like he'd spank a Belgian whore
And French & Prussians fighting was a German statist's dream
Thus in the end 'twas Bismarck whose power reigned supreme

Italy, Germany, Austria formed the tripartite alliance
With Britain, France, and Russia all seething in defiance
With Prussian soldiers standing at each European door
Thus Bismarck paved the way for that zany first World War

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Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Sink the Bismark! Sink the PT-109! Sink the Swift Boat!

Down with "Das Boot". Down with the Liberal water rats, and down, down, down with Teddy's Oldsmobile!

Water is the culprit...we should force hippies to drink it!

Great poem, by the way...truly makes me worry about contemporary events.