Thursday, June 22, 2006

Al Gore's Sphincter

Al Gore’s sphincter never fails
To close up tight when he hears tales
Of catastrophic doom delayed
Of free men who are not afraid

O Puckering Al, why do you gloat,
With every iceberg now afloat:
"Tragedy! Hearken to me!
For I’ve been preaching prophesy!"

What will you do if doom’s o’er long?
If Cassandra is just simply wrong?
What would you do if you were free
To invoke the doom you long to see?


Standifer Evasto Visum said...
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Standifer Evasto Visum said...

but of course...invoking doom, whether wittingly or, sans wit (and I say sans because "unwittingly" would be too kind)is the forte of the liberal.

You know, we really should stop using "mindset" in conjunction with liberal as well - need to come up with something like "liberal urges", or "the physiological response of liberals" - think of them the same as if you were talking about an amoeba swimming to the light beam in a mircoscope. Is it hereditary; a genetic response - or some sign of a rudimentary brain?

I have an idea for a new story...a mad republican scientist with tons of grant money from the military-industrial complex is charged with finding out whether there is something that emulates higher-order thinking going on, or whether they simply realize that "when the light comes on, it's feeding time".

Instead of a microscope and slide, they could use a refridgerator. Post a big peace sign on the door to serve as the "light" to draw them in...oh well - you go from there.

As always man, great poem!