Monday, August 06, 2007

Unfinished Poem

We're all born with the appetite for a certain kind of pain
and as we age this appetite grows ever more refined
so torments of our youth we think we've gladly left behind
imprint upon our hearts a thirst which always will remain

Evincing in domestic wars and struggles for success
this lust for self-abuse obscures and smothers every good
and never will permit us to behave the way we should


Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Never to be one without observation, I must ponder - was pain something that either Christ (or God) "wished" upon the matter at hand.

Methinks it was (as all things evil), a creation of man (and completely sadisitic with no room at all for the antonym).

But, of course, there is a flaw in my assertion as quite obviously Lucifer was no creation of, there ya go.

I suppose that masochism will forever be ours, to have and to hold (and quite possibly to share, with the devil, himself - if one can consider a straight-jacket for two "sharing").

Reminds one of the liberal connotation of the verb "to share".

A pity.

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Looking forward to your next post as well.

You know, "dark periods" can sometime produce some of the most...thought-provoking works.

It is a bit like the fella who just can't get have to read them over and over again.

You sir, are one fine writer!

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

My second observation...

Harsh, cruel, and nothing less than what an older, and presumably wiser brother would inflect...


Find that joy in your life that the Father has imprinted upon your soul, everlasting.

There lies the most precious work of art, my dear and sacred brother and closest confident and trusted friend.

May our eternity be something worthy of the true Masters of our craft.

Together may we create the legend for which lesser creatures only dream!

Foreever friends, you and me, mon ami !

Forever, friends - you, and me!