Sunday, August 05, 2007

On Intellectual Bankruptcy

In the courts, the crime of over-indulgence is "beheaded" by the process of chapter thirteen.

The little man, he is "kaput"...out of cash, out of life, out of time and literally, out of pocket.

How does one "run out" of intellect? Can you assert that it is really the same as mis-managing money?

I say, "hell yes"!

Thinkers can get lazy with their "thoughts", and pundits can state "and this passes for intellect"?

I could propose tomorrow that the best system of government is no government (and darned sure, may be correct in the assertion) - but only "certain" people would live well in what would surely be a time of chaos.

Intellectually, I know that those equipped for living in the woods would, for all intents and purposes, be as happy as the proverbial "pig wallowing in his own...ahem...Svinsti". Where would this model leave the rest of the world? To fend for themselves in the sewers of the cities? To fight for the last morsels of food left on the grocery shelves?

And what of intellect then?

Catastrophe of this magnitude would certainly issue challenges for the American human race like none other in its infantic existence...but in the end, would it be a good thing?

I've been in the woods enough in my long, long life to know - it ain't exactly a bowl of cherries. Yes, you can survive out there...yes, you can get used to it, and yes, you can "make it pretty good"...but each and every time I've been out there for a prolonged period there is nothing I look more forward to than a hot, hot shower and, well, a bowl of cherries.

Thus, my position on anarchy. It would not be a pleasant thing, living like wild animals, but I do think that living as such would most certainly be living sans-intellect. There is not much time in the woods for discussing international politics over brandy (although, it has been done on safari, I understand).

Mending ropes, chasing varmints, and killing quary are but a few of those "everyday things".

The point being, with the breakdown in social graces comes the breakdown of the nation's intellectual soul. There is not much need of intellect when all that is required to survive is to hunt and to kill and to eat and to hunt and kill and eat again.

The only engineering would be left up to the shelter builders...if and when man finds that inevitable discretionary "time" he might then begin spending it building aquaducts and spring houses (and with it, of course, the advent of new "civilization").

Well, I suppose it is time to "wrap" this meandering mess that passes for "intellect" - I will close by simply posing the question "is anarchy, from an intellectually rich standpoint, truly what we want for our world, or for our Nation" ?

Here's to the thinkers! May they never, ever find themselves without a thought (and should they, may the Good Lord help us all in our dark time of bankruptcy).

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