Monday, August 13, 2007

Flippin' Flip

"It's a flippin' outrage," he said.

"Flippin' flip, my "flipper's" done flipped.

"What's the flippin' matter.", you might ask?

"My flipper's done broke, and betwixt channels, none-the-less".

"Well, what the flip?".

"I'll tell ya the flip! It's flippin' outrageous, I'll tell ya, a flippin' shame.".

"Shame, ya say. Well, I'll never!".

"Yer probably right, I'll say. You probably ne'er will. Fer the likes uh you'll n'eer experience tha like of a flippin' flipper that's done gone 'flip'!"

"Well, I'll be 'flipped', I certainly will!"

"And a flip it'll be, if ya flip with me!".

"Well, flippin-A!".

"Flippin' 'A' ".


"Ya know...if I gave a 'flyin flip', I'd done give a flip about the likes uh you, and yet, I don't. Now, who's ta say 'what the flip'? "

"I'll tell ya done who" ME, for cryin-assed flip. ME!. I certainly give a flip, I do at that!".

"At that, at that?"

"At that, I say. I give a flip."

"A 'flip', ya say!".

"A flip, indeed!".

"Well, I'll indeed be 'flipped' ! ".

"You are indeed, Sir.".

"Flipped, ta be sure!".

" 'Fliped', indeed! ".

And a flipper's noose, she done shall wait fer thee!

"Well, flip me o'er, an' flip me done."

"Done ye ere, Sir.".

"Done, I am!".

"And a cyrin'-assed flip y'all turn, when the door done slam on yer' cryin'-assed fate".

"Fer sure, fer sure. My flippin' flipper done flipped. And I, you see, done "flipped" fer sure!".

"Well, a flippin' shame it is!"

"Fer sure, fer sure. A shame indeed."

A shame...a shame, indeed!

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