Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dee Bob Daily, Diddy-Quip No. 96

"Faction schmaction", said Jackson.
I'm just here fo the "punch" !

*The writer of this piece dissociates himself from all criminal and civil liability that may as a matter of course arise from any liberal interpretation of said piece, or any more liberal "leaps in logic" such as an affiliation of this piece to any piece (penned or coined) by any such authors as Nomran Maelstrom, Wilt Killdey's "PoBo" series, "L'il Babler" & "Unfaisen Dazey" or any other concocted piece of acid-induced fiction that might be floating around in some fat, licentious and bulbous-brained, flatulent-headed fat-asses in baseball caps who's appearence (even in print) just oozes stench; and from the commie-left wing socialist party of Aremenians backing such nondidates as Sillary Whimseyon, Usama YoMomma Mohemian or Michel Moor. Periodosio. Ad Infinitum!

Coupier Liberiaum!

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