Monday, June 11, 2007

Short C.S. Lewis Parody

I hate to parody a notable Christian Apologist but someplace in That Hideous Strength there must have been a part like this...

His eyes looked into her eyes and she felt as if she were staring across a pale sea across a distant horizon at peaks, marbled, bronzed, frozen, and yet flowing with a radiance of a thousand past sunsets, trapped in time and space and yet transcending space and time altogether as if it were a single ray from the sun somehow halted and yet moving ever backwards towards a never-ending stream of unspeakable conciousness, a presence that has never been and yet always was, explicable not in words but only in senses and yet not touching in any way upon the material but rather the unalterable knowledge that this time there may be a next time but there would come a time where there would neither be a next time nor a previous time but only time itself, coursing, heaving, undulating, like the mountains across that distant sea of imaging that was her impression as he met her eyes without hesitation and with no resistance.


Dialectic Synchopation said...

crafted like a true master of Anglais...truly (anyone who can write a sentence that long, syntactically correct, and perfunctory SHOULD parody Lewis).

Actually, I've not witnessed parody of him before, and it is high time I did.

I've been reading a bunch of his favorite author lately, and I know where he gets the descriptive imagery (MacDonald)...methinks I'll launch back into my experimental phase yet again (that masterpiece is still lurking somewhere in the chasm - I just knows it).

Greg said...

Ahhh..."The Shepherd's Tale" and "The Highlander's Last Song" - good, old MacDonald.