Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forest Hill

On Forest Hill
did I there dwell
(in one life, one time)
and for some time, therein, did live.

Where raindrops fell,
wet-weather creeks ran well
and I, forsaken,
did for once, just breathe.

Life itself was simple there,
and the time there spent
it was spent well.

But alas,
as time must do
this time spent here
it too, will pass.

And onward and upward
I will rise
to new events...
and another sunrise.

On a long, flat road
I will climb and climb.
To the sky, Lord,
to the sky.
To the sky, I will climb.

There will be other hills
(and forested dale).
Other adventures
(in long time, for there to spin tale).

But this precious time,
that I spend here,
is time indeed
time indeed.
Time in deed, spent well.

Tis time spent well,
spent well,
spent well
alas, spent there and spent well
spent well on Forest Hill,
nesteled there in the forested dale.

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