Friday, June 15, 2007

Meme response

Are we allowed to tag in group? I'll just use your tags...

Four new things in the last four years:
1) Added two new kids to the family make four total (my wife did most of the work)
2) Changed jobs: was a decently-well-paid peon now just a peon
3) Got 8/9 of the way through the Divine Mercy Novena (accidentally repeated one of the days)
4) Listened to about 450 hours of books on tape in the car

Four things I would like to do
1) Finish my PhD (fat chance!)
2) Go on a vacation someplace where the water temperature is more than 50 degrees in August
3) Get a little boat like a sunfish and finally learn to sail
4) Go back to the Smokies and hike up to Spence Field

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