Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meme Response

Four from the prior four
  1. Explored the possibility of leaving my denomination for another.
  2. Owned and operated a communications company.
  3. Considered changing career and decided to stick with communications.
  4. Learned a thing or two about women.
Four for the next
  1. Serve once again as Master of my Lodge and improve in my Masonic "life".
  2. Settle down.
  3. Explore the why's and why-for's of Methodism (applying the "quadralateral" to my daily living) (and why I can not seem to stop loving Methodism); answering that interminable query "why?".
  4. Write something that I would deem a masterpiece (something of my own that I would enjoy reading over and over).
And if there were five, five would be "run for office" (dog-catcher).

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