Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Motion to Submit

I hereby make a motion that all Nikki Giovanni poems be submitted to the following "alliance".

Literary Awards

Poets Sheryl Hill and Rose Becallo Raney, both of Knoxville, shared the $500 Tennessee Writers Alliance Literary Award, which was given this year for individual poems. Nikki Giovanni was the judge.
The awards are open to all Tennessee writers as well as members of the Tennessee Writers Alliance, a three-year-old nonprofit organization for writers, teachers, and librarians; there is a $20 annual membership fee to join. As of this writing, it has not been determined if the 1995 award will be given for poetry or fiction; further information will be available in February. The deadline is July 15.
Literary Awards, Tennessee Writers Alliance, P.O. Box 120396, Nashville, Tennessee 37212. Amy Lynch, Interim Executive Director. (615) 383-0227.


Xavier Martel said...

I've printed my application and will be sending the $25 check to join. The TWA is going to have a hard time figuring out what I mean by my interest in NG-Style Cognitive Collaborative Fiction

Miguel Cuthbert said...

Not being in Tennessee I suppose I will have to create an alternate identity and get a p.o. box.

Are the TWA people really that bad or am I just a lot better than I thought I was? ... better not answer that.


Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Writers, unless "cognitive", are essentially brainless idiots.

Thankfully, we at Sterqui do a fine job of winnowing the brainless from the fully "brained" (our writing often hits betwixt the eyes).

Now, ONWARD to a thinking man's game - GOLF!

I'm gonna pretend that little, white ball is a liberal and see if I can prove the conjecture wrong and knock a brain out of it. May God be with me in my quest.