Monday, May 28, 2007

Great poem, not by me.

Our fathers took oaths as of old they took wives,
to have and to hold for the term of their lives.
But we take our oaths, as our whores, for our ease,
and a whore and a rogue may part when they please.

--Thomas Brown

I saw this on the following website. Frankly, I know nothing about Thomas Brown.

Daniel Mitsui Blog

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Standifer Evasto Visum said...

It is apt, and true(especially of those who too oft break vows)...but without the rogue, who would then row their boat from the shore (and thus, catch fish)?

There is a danger in being the rogue, for certain; but an even greater danger in always playing it "safe" by remaining in the comforts of the flock (for then, what have you accomplished? Preaching to the choir?).

One must go to sea to find souls worth "saving"; if not drowning, then they have no need of salvation.

As to the oaths...I believe that Christ had it right on this one...the law is vital - but more important than an absolute adherence to it is the ability to understand how, and when, to apply it *correctly* .

As the saying goes, it is not knowledge that is power, but rather, the application of knowledge.

It is still a great quote though, and one for considered consideration.