Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Metered Soul

a It was just an old store
a in form, just a bore
b gone is its legacy
b done is its happening
c and in my soul, there's a hole

a No restful sleep when I snore
a No dreams to escape (places of lore)
a My lifedream, I'm afraid 'tis no more
b crumbs are my thoughts
b fun, just a memory
b love, it ain't no healthy place.

b Run, say my demons.
c somersault and roll!

a I am no bore.
a I hop not ruddy whore.
a My memory, God save it from lore.


Xavier Martel said...

This damn well better not be a reference to Ritchie Kremes!

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

On second reflection, could very well be. To my knowledge, Mr. Ritchie's place is still in tact (but I honestly do not get by there any more).

This was actually a fabric store that was the old "Kresgies"...my Grandfather told me one time that they were Hebrews out of NY. He liked trading with them because they (the Kresgies) would come down here to check on things and they geniunely cared about the business and the people shopping there.

I remember when they closed, and now, some other store has come and gone.

Soon, all that will be left are crumbs (and two-bit businesses that only care about a quick buck).

On the up-side...if they haven't already closed, we might be able to buy bolts of tartan fabric there.