Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's important

In the past several years, more than once (which makes it a trend, I suppose), people have said to me "you need to concentrate on what's important".

I've pondered long on this.

They always seem to intimate that it has to do with my health (something that is God-ordained)...

My health.

Gee wiz!

It ain't never been that great.

So then, I thought about my family.

Yeah, they're important.

From a distance.

We are kinda fractured that way.

So then, I thought, "what's important to me?".

Well, it's easy really, when you think about it.

I've never left here.

I like here, where it is, and I like being here.

You see, here, is where God planted me.

And I like it here.

Oh, I've traveled.

I went down past Greenback, one time (a long time ago).

Caught some fish.

But I like it here.

Here is where my heart is.

Here, is where my mountains are. And, I like it "up ere".

So I like it here (and thar).

And it is what is important to me.'s where God put me. And's where I belong.

So yeah. Sometimes...I think about what's important to me.

And here..."here" is where THAT is (that which is important, to me).

And here, is where it always will be.

All that stuff, that's important, to me.

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