Friday, September 29, 2006

The Virginia Bluebell

From Lime Hill to Three Springs
on steep ridges there this flower clings.

If brilliant beauty were a song,
this siren's color could sing it so strong.

This flower in beauty, it truly sings
of tall, blue ridges and wild mountain streams.

From Walker Mountain to Walnut Grove,
young men there seek her for to woo their beau.

This gentle siren of the blue hills,
she has the beauty, and the looks that could kill.

Like Narcissus before with locked-in stare,
or a Medussa who turns men's hearts stone-bare.

This mountain enchantress with color so blue,
will capture girl's fancy, and devotion so true.

From the Maple in Silver Grove to Holston Lake with its shimmer,
every eye in trance by this blue moutain Lady and her deep cyan glimmer.

In the town of Bluff City, there echos the tale
of the Evergreen Hills and that Virginia Bluebell.

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