Friday, September 08, 2006

Open letter to ABC news

Dear Support at ABCNEWS:

I'd just like to say that from what I have heard of your miniseries (9-11 commission report), you have hired technical consultants to ensure that it closely follows the findings of the 9-11 commission.

I am of the opinion that you should not be censored by the loud and boisterous cat-crying from the parties who might be shown in a less than sparkling light; also, that in editing your film you are giving credence to the (popular, I might add) opinion that the media is completely skewed toward the left.

I do not understand a group who cannot separate the parties from the individuals who formerly represented one segment of the Democrats (I know that not all Dems supported Clinton).

Now, I am a lifelong, proud member of the Grand Ol Party. My opinions are definitely, well, influenced at best, and shaped at my politics (although I do make an attempt at being impartial).

Which is what I am hoping you will do.

This much I will tell you though...facts should be presented. Conjecture should be left open to interpretation, but the findings of the report should be presented to what is basically a public who will most likely never read it.

You have the opportunity to stand for what is right and true. I'm not saying this in hopes that the Democrats will loose any ground in the upcoming elections (although that would not bother me) - I am saying it as a former journalism student and current writer (technical) - who believes whole-heartedly that the truth must be told and the consequences should be dealt with.

This is what responisble people do. They deal with the ugly truth. They stand tall in the face of adversity. They shy away from manipulation.

My journalism professors used to lecture me on integrity. Once lost, never regained.

Never rat out a source...stick to the facts, and just the facts - no lectures, no persuasion, no politics. Just the facts.

As a media-driven organization, I believe you owe it to the American people to be impartial and demonstrate to the world that you do stand for integrity; and trying your damndest to sort through the sordid detail and peel back the truth (not shaping it - exposing it).

I know that it is swimming up stream into the currents of Delphi, but it is an absolute imperative to the journalist (and this "docu-drama" is a necessary stand-in for a largely illiterate public).

Best of luck to you in your endeavor for the truth! I pray you stick to your guns and not cave to the obvious attempts at censorship by the radical left-wing.


Standifer Evasto Visum

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