Sunday, September 17, 2006

Press Release



WHEREAS the nominally secular government of Turkey has allowed its official representatives as well as its political leaders to make inflamatory, offensive, egregious, and erroneous statements about His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI,

WHEREAS a modern state is charged with maintaining diplomacy not only in the effort to maintain peace between nations, but to prevent bloodshed and the loss of life amongst its citizens of all religions,

WE RESOLVE that the government of Turkey should offer an immediate retraction of all official remarks that are demeaning to Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican, all Catholics, and all Christians.

FURTHERMORE, we demand that the government of Turkey make a further apology for the attempted genocide of Christian Armenians during the First World War,

THAT the government of Turkey apologize to the nation of Australia for their brutal treatment of Australian soldiers during the First World War,

THAT Turkey makes an immediate return of the basilica of Hagia Sophia to lawful representatives of the Greek Orthodox Church, notably the Patriarch of Constantinople,

THAT the Turkish nation cede all historic Christian territories back to their rightful occupants, namely the indigenous Christian peoples of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches who have suffered terrible oppression under the yoke of the Islamic occupiers.

1 comment:

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

I am happy to see that all christians are included apologies to you, Sir, for the most offensive e-mail of this morning - I'm afraid my medications are affecting me in deliterious fashion...

However, I will continue in my efforts to shred flowers where-ever they may be found...