Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Santuary -REMOVED

Due to the massive flood of negative e-mails concerning the work "Sanctuary", I as a synaptic artist have opted to remove it.

A few notes to loyal readers:

To Mr. Washington of Little Five Points in Toledo, Ohio - No sir, there is no such rap song - it was just a joke. I think it's time for Jerry Springer.
To "little Joe" of Lee Walla Wanna, Wyoming - no, pink cottages was not a metaphor for anything, and especially not bad cheese. It was actually a place I stayed when I was nine or ten years of age.
Haerve Michelleau writes "Mr. Visum, is it true that you were one of the youngest drunks in the history of East Tennessee."

No Mr. Michelleau, that title belongs to a country music star named Rhomba Jones. I was the youngest drunk in the ceded state of Appalachi.
One special e-mail of note from Mick Alliehaundrose- "(unintelligible drivel: republishing would require a beach towel issued to every reader) know where I can find that pink cottage?"...

Mr. Alliehaundrose, this was 20 years ago and my memory is a bit fuzzy but if it still exists it stands on a small stretch of sand on the island of Little Saint George just off the Appalachicola coast. Call Beulah and she can "hook you up".

And, as a side note, I know that they make "dribble cups" for those challenged by overactive "spittle glands" but if someone could engineer one to capture "drivel" overflow from the brain BEFORE it gets to the mouth/pen/keyboard ... WOW - what a gold mine that would be, eh Mr. Alliehaundrose?

Visum OUT
"my love is a pink cottage, palmetto bugs my disdain"

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Xavier Martel said...

And thus did Stan Visum build the myth around his "Lost Poem" - echoes of which would resound in the heads of its viewers.