Saturday, January 13, 2007

Up's and down's on Saturday, somber afternoon

New site. What a sight. Outta sight!

Boning up on my "hippie-ese", now that their queen is in control (or is she and the Boxer really outta control,, careening).

Eva-thang kewl, baaay-bee. Kewl jewel.

Numbers galor! Tracking (how nice).

With visitors from Linnie and Mac (obviously a high caliber clientele), and such pretty graphs to keep up with them, welcome them. Get their number and make them feel "to home".

It's nice here in the dung...comfortable, warm. I like that smell of reconstituted straw - earthy, peaty, bohemian even.

It's the devil's domain, baby. "Rot heya".

Installments, installments.

With friends like lil' Timmy, Barett, n' Tisza and the hardly notice the smell at all.

And all on Al Gore's dime (now there's a stench that'll knock a blister off a bull's ass).

Wow, "ain't it cool" ?

It's as cool as global warmin'.

A convenient lie, for an incongruant teller of "truths". The soothsayer say, or so I've heard.

Thanks cousin Al. Thinks we'll like our stay!

Good Googela-moogel-ah.

The sun, she's a shinin'.

It's time to make the hay.

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