Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ode to a Fallen Beast

Oh beheamouth so dark and grey
the skies above weep this day
in thy honor, fallen tear doth say
in thy honor, your life now slain.

Thy hooves while dirtied,
silver haunch now stained;
once steamed breath
now...gone away?

Metal-clad ribs
and iron soul beneath,
your countenance, your measure
against you, no enemy relieved.

Is there life in this heart?
Any spirit or soul?
You legs once like pistons,
Your drive a million fold.

For you no kind words,
no heroes reward.
Your life disassembled,
any accolade, untoward.

So charge on silver beast,
on this final ride.
Your undiscovered country,
only it scars grey hide.

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