Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Unknown God - Unmasked

The following snippet from the AP caught my attention:

"We know that the White House possesses documents that contain evidence of an attempt by senior administration officials to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of global warming and minimize the potential danger," Waxman said.

Question Authority. Change your mind to prove that you have one. Don't trust anyone over 30. Fight the Power.


It's not a surprise at all that the champions of Science are blind dogmatists who violate every principle of the scientific method by establishing as law that which has not progressed beyond theory. These sad crusaders carry the banner of malthus in the vanguard of an army of the unwashed and ignorant - all screaming doom and catastrophe, and all unable to fathom their own drooling and servile obediance to a god of their own making.


Horace White said...


I know you've heard of "Piltdown Man" (the great "hoax"...wool pulled over the eyes of the scientific "sheep").

Well, your observation about this latest crop venturing outside what constitutes "sound" scientific methods is proof positive of just how something like Piltdown can come to pass.

"Say, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell,"

"Well bub, find yourself a scientist".

Now, what kills me here is, there is "good" science being practiced somewhere in the world today, and the credibility of these scientists suffers as result.

Damned numb-skulls!

We deserve to die one thousand deaths at the hands of those who put their faith in snake oil and imagination-based, psuedo-science.

Leave it up to them to fight terror and this flippant statement could prove prophecy (but damned if I'll take credit for it - this is ALL on them).

Ad Astra Per Aspera said...

Even if global warming is wrong, some things that are hard to argue with are: 1) the rate of childhood ashama has increased about 15 ercent in the past 10 years. 2) Trees are dying in Smokies due to acid rain. 3) People, some of them U.S. military men and women are dying in Iraq because of oil. 4) The best predictions (and granted it is a prediction, but if you have no faith in science then you would not be on this blog) say us earthlings will run out of oil we can get to in at most 100 years, at the current rate of consumption. If we significantly cut our dependence on oil, we might just have cleaner air, so children wouldn't be weazing and trees dying (and as more trees die, that means less oxygen in the atmosphere, and then more people are, eventually, wheezing). We would have less need to have fellow citizens dying in countries whose language has no word for compromise, making it difficult to understand one of the core underlining principles of democracy, let alone create one, and we might have enough oil left so that my daughter won't have to face the madness of a world gasping to survive on a dwindling commodity. So even if global warming is "overplayed," the immediate good effects of acting as if it were real could very well still be worth it. After all, human beings have a knack of only being able to take action when faced with a large enough fear to grab their attention. The entire "red scare" era of the Soviet Union vs. the U.S. is what spurred on many things, including the race to the moon. Sometimes you need a big enough boogey man to get you off your rump and do something that should have been done anyway. It's the nature of the human beast. Fear is a great motivator, or can be, when used properly. The same can be said for reason and science and commentary.

Xavier Martel said...

Ad astra,

You know, I agree. If the global warming nonsense is just a cover for an attempt to scare people into getting off of the oil addiction, then hooray! There's no doubt the only solution in the long run is sustainable nuclear energy (until fuel cells come along). Also, if we could kick the oil habit, we could starve the muslims, which is what muslims deserve.

Unfortunately, I think the GW fearmongering has far more to do with padding the pockets of the climatecraze industry, enriching and empowering imbeciles like Al Gore, and feeding a sort of neoluddite masochism. Since GW is based more on science-fairs than on science, it, like embryonic stem cell research and other tools of the eugenic-mad nazi secularists, is just a tool in the hands of the HR departments that really run the show.

Xavier Martel said...

The line "(until fuel cells come along)" should have read "(until reliable fusion comes along)"... I have fuel cells on the brain. Damn proton exchange membranes!

Ad Astra Per Aspera said...

Exxon Mobil recently achieved the largest profit of any oil company in history (and that's saying something), and larger than many other industries. I think there is where the real "pocket padding" is going on, and people are dying in order to help make it so. Your vehemence about pocket padding may be a bit misplaced.

And as for science-fair science, seems to me the most recent report, just released, by scientist from around the world, saying Global Warming is for real, is a little more than science-fair science. And even if they are wrong about the cause, i.e. man-made, doing something to reduce the human contribution to the problem will only help to make its effects more tolerable for more of us all over this planet, and if some people make money along the way, well, that's capitalism in action, the good, the bad, and the ugly of it, and a subject worthy of discussion in and of itself.

Xavier Martel said...

I must apologize for getting baited into an oil company discussion, when the post was originally about the deification of a particular climate theory. Oil company profits, the war in Iraq, and Dick Cheney's sock color are distractions from the more pertinent fact that those would-be champions of free thought, skewered sacred cows, and pursuit of truth are now the hatchet wielding mob who seek to silence dissent at any cost. Like it or not, the left wing is the fascist wing. The only things missing are the brown shirt and twisted cross.

Science and reason have long been marginalized in the climate debate. This is now about dogma and faith - just like the rest of the liberal program.

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Say, what was that fellow's name who counted all the trees in the Smokies?

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

People in Iraq could not possibly be dying because they are terrorists, now could they?

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

Rob from the rich and give to the poor, and God help the man who defines the poor (a bit like defining God, wouldn't you say?).