Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ode to an Injured Friend

My pal, you've been with me
for many a year now;
many, many more than most -
the kindest friend, confident and host.

I've trusted in your judgement,
and hung life on your very word.
Your friendship has been enriching,
your humor, salve to haggard soul.

Never a man more true have I met,
and never one for whom
I've more enjoyed the bon mot,
the laughs, the charm - the fun, and rot.

And now you face some troubles
few would wish on any one.
My heart, it lies there with you
in your troubles, in your shun.

If only I could stand in,
for that sentence coming on.
I'd gladly do so just to know
a freedom for you and son.

But now we go into this day
a squint against blinding sun.
One day again we'll both live free
and once again be ... "all for one".

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