Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Nation of Law, Not Men

John Adams should have stuck to the family brewery.

I was watching a democrat on TV this a.m. and she quoted Mr. Adams, that "we are a Nation of laws, not of men" (this in reference to the writ of habeus corpus and the Gitmo "prisoners" (she of course sets the standard for "taking no prisoners")).

A flood of thoughts rolled through my being...of the synedrion...of King George.

The law-givers and the law-interpreters - the lap dogs to tax collectors who look more like Jabba the Hud or Ted Kennedy.

I also thought of our own George. Mr. Washington, I understand, was simply trying to make a go of it as a businessman, but due to inferior product from England and repressive taxes (the teeth of the law), he was unable. Caught in the snare of a free will caged by a repressive King.

I'll bet King George was a fat-assed drunk too. Probably sat around drinking aperatif and eating bon-bons all day while he wiled away the hours talking about Camelot. I wonder what Ted Kennedy does all day?

And then there is our own George - a man, subjugated to the law. One might say enslaved.

Gee whiz, how is this any different than our modern Congress? Our law-givers, and law-interpreters - our own King of tax levee.

I don't know about you, but I feel as if I am in a straight-jacket.

And we are a Nation of laws and not men, indeed! (Consider this source, would you?).

Blood courses in my veins, but not because some Democrat on Capitol Hill deemed it so.

Cursed is the law, and cursed those who incessantly quote it.

I am a man! (and not one defined by the laws of this Congress).

There is a song that I've picked up from an internet radio station...I don't know the band, but it has one of those driving beats punctuated by some minstrel-sounding dude reminiscent of a Rolling Stones diddy. The main riff and verse, I can't get out of my head "Tell me all the rules...girrrrrl - I just want to get along" (da don don don, da don don don, da don don don).

Well, I'm going to tell ya, I'm tired of all the rules, and I'm tired of "just getting along", girlfriend!

Trust me, I am no advocate of only leads to pain. However, something has got to change as one begins to weigh the pains that are caused in a system through which there seems to be no redress (and hardly fair when you consider we are the closest thing left that resembles capitalism and we are having to support a world of socialists, all on the government cheese), and that god-forsaken alternative, revolt. Which is the more painful?

When the weighing comes down to this, the scale is so easily tipped.

The hippies crossed over to becoming females in the 60's. They are the "girls" who are making the rules. I say it is time to deflower them.

When boys become "men" they often hear phrases like "that'll make a man out of him", or "mit the rope's end" or that inevitable "attitude adjustment".

So what does it take to bring a girl into "womanhood"?

Well, we all know the traditional concept (archaic - I'm no advocate of caveman philosophy...but in truth, in a wife, I'm not seeking an absolute equal - I want one who is equally different in all the right ways).

But what is the cultural equivalent of this "then you will be a man, my son" concept?

Now that they are leaders, what is it that causes them to go through a similar "phase-shift" ?

Well, whatever it is, I believe, they'd better team up with their hippy-assed boyfriends and figure out how to mit the freying ends of the rope before someone else decides to do it for them.

I've dated some women who constantly set rules and expect others to live by them when they constantly break them themselves. Arrrogant twits, they were...and completely self-absorbed. As a point of reference outside my own realm of experience, reference this Lohan chick or Ted Kennedy. You do the math.

There is an extreme sense of desperation afoot, and from an historical perspective there can be but one answer to it.

I sincerely hope that someone in Washington will get a clue, before we all begin to feel like the city's namesake and seek our independence yet again, and once again, as free men at heart and breaking free of those surly, albeit freying, bonds.

Mit them up, Washington.

-Visum, enraged

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