Thursday, December 14, 2006

Response to a limey atheist

(comment "under review" by the "free" press; publication at this time unknown-except to those free thinkers at Sterquilinium who do not restrict my free thought...YET!)

My exasperation is more infinite than snapshots of space itself for those who use science/nature to prop up a belief or disbelief;for the believer needs only his faith and a gasp at the handiwork for which attribution is obvious; and the atheist a better understanding of that stellar dust which he will undoubtedly one day become (his thoughts already seem like a choking dust).

I suppose it is some sort of comfort to know what your future holds in either case (although I have no idea of the latter).

As for me, I'll relish the beauty and take no credit for its creation other than my shared understanding that we were both somehow created; and for me and my feeble mind I prefer my faith in that warm-blooded God over a wire-meshed and mechanized modeling based on a theoretical happenstance of "nature" itself: and how devilish the nature of this "Mother"!

So here's to the Atheist and space dust - blow eternal across dark chasm and leave me and mine to God's warm and brilliant illumination.

Link to Article that should be titled "Worshipful Yanks photograph God's signature"


Miguel Cuthbert said...

O great vibrant nothing,
Noiseless Wave,
Wind in an empty sea,
Always existing,
Non person, non thing.
Cold light, radiant heat,
Spattering intensity.
That which never spoke,
"I that am not."

O Pinprick of energy!

Awaken thing, I
A mind that knows only how
And never why,
A mind that sees not through
But with the eye

Would worship thee.

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

I wish I had said that.

One day, perhaps, I will be a poet worthy of this site.

It is an honor to run with you boys!!!