Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lightning Bugs (& Glenmorangie)

It amazes me
how lightning bugs
have the power to entrance
higher beings
with their brief flash of light
in so simple a form.

Perhaps the angels wonder alike
at our brief moments of grace.


robin ron said...

I wanna say just one thing, Begains our most happiest month dec. This month we got victory. So we'r verry happy now.

Anonymous said...

I saw a lightning bug was consuming a fairy...I kid you not! There were all these other lightning bugs, "posing" as fairies, but the King of the fairies, he had their number and he was buzzing around with this trident ripping and tearing at the poor little lightning bugs. The horror! There was all this glowing, globular gunk flying around everywhere...the bugs, they rallied for a while, and for a moment, I thought they had the fairy King, but he flitted away, riding his trident like a broomstick. Glowing masses were in his trail, and he looked like a teeny, tiny shooting star.

So I saw a lightning bug the next evening, and I asked him if there was any kind of underground resistance coming about, to counter those nasty fairies, but he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

I'm looking for real trouble. It's going to be glowing Armageddon, right in my back yard.

Nice poem, by the way. -Visum