Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carrot World

Carrot World,

Soundlessly swaying, slow slow steps,
one after another, make the carrot swing
Swing, swing, count the seconds
Plodding, plodding, up the long road

Lead us, fool, we follow
the orange stick at the end of the rope.
I have long lashes and watery eyes
but my eyes can not see what lies straight ahead.

Too slow, feel the sting
Senseless Braying,
A quicker step
Brings the carrot closer

Not sweet the tasteless reward
Ever promised and never given
Taste instead the sweet hay
Drink instead the cool water

What lies ahead I cannot see
Nor do I really care
It is ever the same in
the carrot world.

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Intertwining Words said...

I like this, very abstract.