Thursday, March 27, 2008

A high field

There is the field at the top of the mountain,
Where knee high grass is woven in patterns by the wind,
and Moved aside but not broken by the passage,
of Wild animals, children, and angels.

It is not a place of prideful self-congratulation,
nor a place for healthy disraction,
It is not a gateway to another kingdom,
nor a secret garden to keep in silence.

The sky there is hardly less distant,
And no new monument needs to be made,
To boast of man's indomitable spirit,
As evidenced by the remoteness of that place.

Yet, if I were an Irishman I would call it enchanted.
They did not look far for the fairy realms,
The dancing and singing of little people,
May come from the other side of a hedgerow.

And between the folds of the ridges below,
The dark, heavy trees fade away among the clouds,
What we have left is for the moment forgotten,
And all that we are is all that we brought.

It is a high field,
A place to be grateful.

1 comment:

Standifer Evasto Visum said...

I like this one. Speaks to my Irish side, I suppose (that, and the places I've visited in the mountains).

I'm going to make time to read your entire story soon...I started off tracking with you but got busy.

By the way, tell Xavier I've been shopping for an agent and I sent two short stories to a fellow and he asked me to send them all (yeah, right - show me the money and then we will talk) - anyhow...I've kept (and will keep) our sites "clandestine", but thought you fellas would get a kick out of the nibbles I'm getting.